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Today, the car window tint is becoming more popular and has become more of a necessary feature than a luxurious one. This kind of tint is available in a range of degrees that will suit various tolerance and permeation limits. When car owners decide to pay for tinting, they have to ensure that they select the most effective car tint and company.




Superior Heat and Glare Reduction

Excellent Optical Clarity

99% UV Rejection

Up-to 60% Heat Rejection

Lifetime Warranty

Grey metal construction for superior heat rejection

Average heat rejection 45%

Excellent optical clarity while reducing glare




Auto Window Tint Prices


CarsWindow Tint Films AZ

2 or 4 Door Sedan/Coupe/Convertible  $170

2 or 4 Door Hatchback  $180



Standard Cab $130

Extended Cab $140

4 Door Crew Cab $160



SUV’s & Van’s

Full Size SUV $200

Midsize SUV $190

Full Size Van $200

Mini Van $190


Tint Removal

W/ Re-tint $50

W/O Re-tint $100


Note: Additional charges may apply for select sports vehicles with large and/or curved back glasses



 One of the biggest advantages of applying tint is the sheer UV radiation defense from sunlight. The decreasing ozone suggests that high radiation can be present in direct sunlight. In regards to intense heat, window tinting is considered necessary in order to stop humid air from entering the house, especially during the summer. Your house and family will be protected in many ways. Also, this type of protection is important for people who spend a lot of time driving because tinting will also decrease the risk of contracting skin diseases.

Another significant benefit of car window tinting is the increased protection that also prevents car accidents. Tinting decreases the level of harmful glare from environmental aspects like excessive sun and snow. There are all kinds of lighting that can affect the safety of driving. Apart from offering a coating that blocks out sunlight in the car, the tint also holds the window together in case glass shatters because of accidents, which protects the passengers in the car from severe injuries.

Car tinting also prolongs the life of a car. By restricting sunlight permeation inside of the car, the tint can stop the deterioration of appliances and other facilities. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can destroy materials used to hold together all types of appliances. With the right tinting, the car temperature will remain cool and limit the process of overheating. These advantages guarantee that the occupants will enjoy their experiences inside the car the right way.

A general argument against car window tinting would be that it is not easy to view what is going on when you are within the car. Even so, car tinting could improve the safety and privacy within the car. However, a car burglary is more likely to occur when the burglar can see the items that are within the car. Tinting the windows and restricting the visibility is a safety technique.

Evidently, the benefits of tinting car windows will exceed the prices. According to government regulations, car tinting has to permit a specific degree of visibility. So, before you select the tint for your windows, you may have to ask your local authorities about the tint degree that is appropriate. Many tinting selections are customizable for every car and person, so anyone who drives one can be able to have the car they want. As an owner, you have to follow simple methods so you are satisfied with the various features that are provided out there. A reliable company with plenty of experience provides a guarantee that they will deliver the service you want.