Car & Auto Window Tint

Auto Window TIntWhen most people invest in a new car, they often think of adding car window tint to it. Such an addition has several advantages, the most important of which is protection from harsh sunlight and reduced energy costs. It helps prevent your steering wheel from getting too hot to touch and allows you to see clearly on a sunny afternoon. Auto window tint is also something that you can add to your current car to give it an upgraded sleek look and feel.

Now, many car tints come as do it yourself packages. While you can do the tinting on your own, there is never a guarantee that you are doing it right. Car window tint applications is definitely something you want to leave to a professional.  In addition, every state has a set of rules and regulations on the permitted darkness of the tints and even where they can be applied on the car. In Arizona, window tint can be a tint shade of 35% on the front windows and can be as dark as available for all other remaining car windows.

Most tint companies have a variety of different car window tint packages and grades available. At Avondale Auto Window Tint, we use only American made high grade products from SunTek Window Films. This makes choosing from a variety of tints an easier task. For additional information about Sun Tek Auto Window Tint Film products click here.  Sun Tek auto window films include a lifetime warranty. This means, whether your automotive window tint provider is in business or not, Sun Tek Window Tint will back there products at any one of the hundreds of tint shops in the Arizona area.

Car Window Tint Films





High Performance SunTek Films

Auto Window Tint Prices



2 doors $125

4 doors $150



Single Cab $110

Ext Cab $130

4 door $150

Slider Add $10


Mini Van/SUV’s



Tint Removal

W/ Re-tint $50

W/O Re-Tint $100


There are many advantages of Car Window Tint including the following:
• Darkened windows for a cooler appearanceAuto WIndow Tint Films
• Color choice to complement the cars color
• Advertising potential
• Improved safety and protection
• Reduced discomfort on hot days
• Lowered risk of overexposure to ultraviolet light



Another great benefit of window tinting is that it can help to reduce the amount of glass that shatters within your car during an accident or a break in. Some types of tinting can also be used for insulating the automobile as well. Additionally, because the appropriate level of tinting can vary based on your state and location, it is important to know the legal guidelines for window tinting on your car. In example, Arizona law requires that front windshields can only be tinted 6” from the top of the windshield. This varies in comparison to surrounding states such as California or Nevada. If you have any questions or concerns about tinting services, an experienced and qualified auto glass company will be able to tell you which tinting option is best for your car.