Milgard Windows & Doors

Milgard Windows & DoorsOur company is built on the foundation of providing a quality range of products that support home and building owners in creating the best environment for comfort, safety, and beauty.

Our services include the provision of top-notch, celebrated window and door systems from Milgard, a leading name in construction finishing supplies.

For many years, Milgard has been providing customers with expertly crafted windows to the world and helping customers open new doors to happier, more comfortable homes and buildings. Its range of construction finishing products that includes a the best energy efficient windows and doors made from the strong, versatile, resilient materials of fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum are counted among the best that the industry has to offer.

Our company is glad to be associated with the Milgard range of products, and is happy to provide them, along with our special brand of service and expertise, throughout the valley area of Phoenix, Arizona.

Please take a look at the full range of window and door products we offer from Milgard, all with full lifetime warranty, to get an idea of our extensive series of offerings. We also encourage our customers and potential customers to consult with us so that we can help them arrive at the best choices for their current or future projects. Our price quotes are free – and our customer service is priceless.


Best energy efficient vinyl windows-Vinyl Windows And Doors

Home or business owners looking for an inexpensive, energy-efficient, and strong door and window material can put their trust in vinyl to do the job well.

Today’s vinyl has outgrown its previous thermal instability in hot weather and new discoveries and re-engineering has presented a more heat stable, and expansion resistant. These new qualities are made even better when vinyl doors and windows are built with interior webs and heat-welded joints that offer greater resilience to unfavorable temperature conditions.

Being made mainly from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl windows and doors are rendered very scratch resistant and low maintenance. This material has many advantages, including being virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl also creates some of the best energy efficient windows available and are non-corrosive, easy to handle and install, and long lasting.

The Tuscany Series, Style Line, Montenado, and Quiet Line Series are among the Milgard offerings of premium vinyl windows. These range of vinyl windows have won the nod of thousands of customers, and the nod of international window judges and has copped several prestigious awards for eight years straight, with its first award in 2006, and recently another remarkable award in 2013.

Milgard vinyl doors are also offered in the Tuscany, Montecito, and Style Line Series and provide stylish options for home and office entryways.


-Aluminum Windows And DoorsBest Energy Efficient windows

Lightweight, strong, slim-lined, and durable, aluminum doors and windows allow for maximum viewing advantage and a wide range of configuration and style options.
Aluminum windows and doors  generally last long, do not require any large amounts of maintenance to keep them looking and working up to par, are rust proof, and does not require any painting. Customers can also get these windows with the extra tough feature of anodized and baked-on finishes

Today’s energy efficient aluminum windows is no longer an easy conduit for cold and heat, and is built with thermal control properties in the form of thermal breaks that separate interior and exterior surfaces of the window in order to maximize thermal stability.

Where windows exist in a salt-air environment, there is an optional stainless steel system that is applied to decrease the instance of corrosion.
Milgard standard aluminum windows feature the Positive Action lock that ensures the window is locked on closing, taking away the guessing game of if the window was locked or just closed. Another great feature on this range of windows is the corners that are mechanically joined stay in shape throughout the years.

Windows in this range include the Casement, Horizontal Slider, Awning, Picture, Single Hung and Radius styles.

The Milgard thermally improved aluminum window with a ‘light commercial’ rating is ideal for application in businesses such as restaurants, in schools, and in government buildings. This window’s thermal breaks also ensures higher thermal control and thus, greater energy efficiency. The Positive Action lock on this window also makes adds a measure of safety to business and other non-residential buildings.

The range of windows in this series are 780 skylight, 750 skylight, Casement, Horizontal Slider, Awning, Picture, Single Hung and Radius styles.


best energy efficient fiberglass windows-Fiberglass Windows And Doors

Milgard has designed two of the best energy efficient windows in which a home or business owner can confidently invest.

A creative blend of traditional appeal and contemporary innovation has gone into creating the Milgard Ultra Series fiberglass window. These windows feature a wood frame appearance on a modern, resilient, low-maintenance, fiberglass frame. The wood grain finish is achieved by applying paint that looks like traditional wood, highlighting the option to customize the fiberglass range of Milgard windows with a wide choice of paints.

Windows in this series include Bay, Bow, Casement, Horizontal Slider, Awning, Picture, Single Hung, Double Hung, and Radius options.

Get the hardiness of fiberglass with the richness and warmth of wood with the Milgard WoodClad Series fiberglass window.

An interior-facing veneer of natural, furniture-grade Douglas Fir is added to the exterior-facing fiberglass frame to create a window that can withstand the environment’s elements while creating a cozy, aesthetic interior atmosphere. The customer can seal the wood with their preferred stain or sealant to complement the room’s existing wood furniture and furnishings.

Windows in this series also include the Bay, Bow, Casement, Horizontal Slider, Awning, Picture, Single Hung, Double Hung, and Radius styles.

The Milgard range of fiberglass doors are also offered in the Ultra and WoodClad Series categories. Ultra Series and WoodClad series of doors both feature the French SlideStyling, In-Swing French, and Out-Swing French styles.