Home & Business Window Tint

Home TintValley of the Sun residents enjoy one of the most sun filled geographic areas in the country. Every year, over 85 percent of days in Phoenix are bright and cloud free. Having Suntek window films installed on your windows allows you to enjoy the blessings of good weather without facing the drawbacks.

Energy Savings

There are a lot of benefits to having window tint films applied to your windows. Energy savings is at the top of that list. When it is hot outside, and sun is shining through a window, heat is transferred along with the light, warming the cooler air inside the room.

Window tint film is applied to the exterior of windows in hot climates like Phoenix. The film acts as a barrier, deflecting some of the solar rays and the heat it is carrying. When your home heats up less from the sunlight coming in the windows, costs for air conditioning are lowered, saving you money.

Window films also help hold heat inside the house on cold days, reducing costs for heating in winter.

Window Tints and UV Protection

Windows without tinting allow a greater infiltration of ultra violet light to enter the room along with radiant heat. When UV rays pour in onto furniture, carpets, and art work, they damage color and materials, just as they can do to your skin.

Window tint film absorbs UV rays, preventing them from doing damage to the possessions inside your home. Most visible light rays still pass through, so the light level inside is still bright and pleasant.

Often, a window and the angle of the sun will work together, creating hot spots inside a room during certain times of day. This kind of glare is greatly reduced on tinted windows.

Tint Makes Your Home More Private

Window tints also increase privacy inside your home by creating a mirror like effect on the outside of the window. With tinted windows, you can enjoy indoor privacy without having to close curtains and blinds, and your view of the outside is not decreased.

Glass Breakage Safety

Large windows let you take in the beauty of the great outdoors, but large panes of glass can be a significant safety hazard if they break. Heavy winds, an errant baseball, or a falling tree branch crashing into a picture window and smashing it, are potential hazards for residents in houses with large windows.

Window films are made of tough, carbon based materials that cover the entire surface of the window, holding glass fragments together if the window is shattered.

Serving the Valley

Many homeowners are surprised to find out how affordable and fast it is to have window tint films installed at their home. We provide service all in all areas of the valley, and we would be happy to give you a free price quote.

Window tint films bring so many advantages in our sunny climate, there really are not too many reasons for not having it done.