Free Lifetime Chip Repairs w/ any New Windshield Replacement

Rock Chip RepairIf you are looking for windshield repairs in Avondale, Arizona, look no further.  Avondale Windshield Replacement offers free rock chip repairs with every new windshield installed. After installing your car windshield, if you pick up a rock or some debris, call Avondale Windshield Replacement and you will get the repairs done without spending an extra dime. Does not matter if your auto windshield is insured or not, Avondale Windshield Replacement will repair the windshield free of charge for you and your insurance company.

Free windshield chip repair offered by Avondale Windshield Replacement has several advantages including:

This service is completely free and repairs are performed by professionals with years of experience in the field. Timely repairs will save you time and money from having to have your car windshield replaced. Windshield technicians can complete the windshield chip repair in less than 30 minutes without even breaking the original seal on the windshield.

The windshield repair shops repair car windshields by removing debris and air from the break and filling the empty space with a clear resin. Ultraviolet light is then used for hardening the resin in the automobile windshield so that it gathers strength to resists future impacts. This also helps prevents the windshield from cracking out further.  Only laminated glass can be repaired successfully because it is made up of two layers of glass. The repair resin is injected in-between the two layers of glass to keep the break intact. The integrity and strength of the structure is not jeopardized at all.

There are other factors like the area of the break, its size and type of break that determine the success of a windshield repair.  A car windshield repair may not restore the windshield to its earlier cosmetic state but it will make the windshield capable of handling the bumps in the road and keep it from spreading out further.  The extent of the break is also considered before repairing because lengthy cracks may be beyond the scope of a car windshield repair.

Some automobile windshields may also be un-repairable due to just having a pit impact. Small windshield pits cannot be repaired because the top layer of the glass did not fully break through. Therefore, the windshield repair resin cannot be injected between the two layers of glass.