Auto Glass Insurance Claims

How much does it cost to replace a car windshieldAuto glass insurance has become the need of the hour amidst the financial crises when you may not have sufficient funds to replace the windshield in your car. And unlike most states, Arizona offers $0 deductible glass replacement auto insurance with comprehensive coverage. What does this mean to you? This means, that if you carry comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy that you more than likely have a $0 deductible for glass. Most insurance companies offer this coverage at a very low cost so you probably carry it without even knowing it. And if you do, we will give you $50 cash back with every no fault windshield replacement insurance claim. How’s that sound? You get paid for having your windshield replaced. Heck, one automobile windshield replacement a year will cover the cost for this additional low cost coverage. Moreover, Arizona insurance companies have to offer this coverage by law.


Auto glass insurance claim filing for a windshield replacement is very easy with Avondale Windshield Replacement. We honor a large number of insurance companies including: State Farm, Encompass, GMAC, Esurance, Mercury, Travelers, Hartford, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, AAA, American Family, Nationwide, Geico, USAA, Farmers, Allstate, State Farm and others. We accept all insurance pricing structures so that there will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs for you or your insurance company.


Most major insurance companies hire third-party glass administrators (TPA) to process windshield replacement or auto glass repair claims for their policyholders. These third-party glass administrators ask a few questions during the auto glass claim process. Windshield coverage is verified before claims are settled. You can check our auto glass program page to read about the commonly asked questions by the TPA so that you are better prepared to handle the Question and Answer session with the claim processing company’s officials.


For filing the auto glass repair claims, the policy holder (you) must be available. Most insurance companies no longer allow glass companies to file claims on their behalf. We guide our customers to deal with the third-party administrators from the insurance company so that you can save your important time and effort as well. It seldom takes more than 15 minutes to file a windshield claim. Get a list of the common questions that insurance companies ask to open an auto glass repair or windshield replacement claim. You can also call us if you have any queries regarding the claim processing or any other unanswered questions. Our knowledgeable windshield professionals would be more than happy to serve you.